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Leveraging the proven power of matching donations.

Matching donations are proven to increase total giving by over 50%, but until now they’re created exclusively by organizations and large donors. Matchery democratizes this.We let anyone create matching donations, multiplying their gift by incentivizing friends and Matchery users everywhere to give with them. Every donor becomes an advocate, and every donation incentivizes more giving.

A Better Way to Give.

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Every donor can be a matching donor

Matching donations don’t have to be just for your largest donors. On Matchery, any donor can leverage their gift and help you raise more money.

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Smooth your fundraising

Over 30% of giving occurs in December alone. On Matchery, because of expiring match opportunities, donors always have a compelling reason to give - anytime of the year.

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Turn donors into advocates

Energize your supporters by letting them create personal matching campaigns, turning every donor into an advocate.

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Completely free

We don’t charge any fees - period.

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We’re on a mission

We are a nonprofit, on a mission to help you raise more money. We truly have your best interest at heart.

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Reduced complexity

You receive a single monthly payment from us covering all gifts through Matchery, reducing your administrative burden. We handle all tax-deductible receipts.

Amplify your mission.

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Matchery is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit

EIN 87-2700608