How the matching process works

Matching donations are proven effective at encouraging more giving, but until now they're created exclusively by large donors and organizations. We enable anyone to use matching donations to increase their impact to any nonprofit. Delightfully easy and completely free - it's truly the best way to support your favorite causes.

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A donor creates a match for a nonprofit they want to support.

You'll choose when your match expires, and offer to give if others donate with you before that time. Your match will incentivize Matchery users around the world to give with you, and you can share your match with friends as a personal matching campaign.

how it works matching
how it works matching

Another donor gives to unlock the match before it expires.

When you unlock matches, you release matching funds before they expire. For every dollar you give, two dollars are donated - $1 from you, and $1 from the match.

how it works unlocking
how it works unlocking

Anyone can create a powerful match on Matchery.

Even if your match is too small to attract attention on its own, it automatically gets exposure through the platform and reaches Matchery users everywhere. Of course, you can also share your match with friends as a personal matching campaign.

how it works matches
how it works matches

You amplify your giving. Nonprofits benefit.

When you give on Matchery, you increase your impact through an innovative matching process. It's a purely better way to give: you leverage your gift by incentivizing others to join you, completely free.

A personal giving account with powerful capabilities.

  • Over 1 million nonprofits on Matchery. Put all your giving in one place, and receive a single tax-receipt regardless of how many nonprofits you support.
  • Maximize tax-efficiency. Fund a Matchery giving account today, and claim a tax-benefit even if you donate to nonprofits later.
  • Research top charities. Find information on over 1 million nonprofits, including public information and proprietary research.
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Frequently Asked

What is Matchery?

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We are a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit (EIN 87-2700608). We provide a powerful giving platform, completely free to use: our mission is to provide you the best way to give.

Will my donation be tax-deductible?

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Yes. All donations are deductible charitable contributions for US tax-deduction purposes.

Is Matchery Secure?

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Absolutely, we employ bank-level security practices. Any personal information is encrypted on disk under 256-bit AES, and encrypted over the internet using TLS. We never store your payment information, and use Stripe (a Level 1 PCI Service Provider) for payment processing.

What do you charge?

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Nothing. Matchery is a nonprofit on a mission to have a positive impact, just like the organizations on our platform. If you pay by credit card, our payment processing partner Stripe generally deducts 2.2% + 30ยข. This is due to a fee from your credit card company, and is no different than if you paid by card directly on a nonprofit's website. If you'd like, you can donate to Matchery by leaving a tip - this is completely optional.

How do I get started?

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Simply select your favorite cause (search for any 501(c)(3) nonprofit, or browse by category). We will guide you through the rest.

How does the matching process work?

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Through our innovative platform, you increase your impact with matching donations. If you add a match, you offer to give if others give with you before your match expires. If you unlock matches, you release matching funds before they expire.

When do I fund a match I create?

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Matchery lets you choose when to fund your match. With Fund Now, you will be charged upfront - if your match is not unlocked, you will receive a Matchery credit which you can use to give to any 501(c)(3) nonprofit at any time. With Fund if Unlocked, your card will be authorized upfront but you will not be charged unless your match is unlocked.

What does "available matches" mean?

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This is the total amount that can be matched. These matching funds come from many donors, as Matchery combines matching offers from people across the world into a centralized platform.

Amplify your giving.

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Matchery is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit

EIN 87-2700608